Down Syndrome

The entire line of Dermal Therapy moisturizers will offer relief and help keep your skin healthy.

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Extra Strength Body Lotion - Dermal Therapy Canada 10% Urea, 5% Alpha Hydroxy Acids, AHA, body, body lotion, deep penetrating, dermaltherapy, eczema, fragrance-free, moisturizer, non-greasy, urea, very dry skin Lotion

Dermal Therapy

Extra Strength Body Lotion

Heel Care Cream - Dermal Therapy Canada 25% Urea, 6% Alpha Hydroxy Acids, AHA, dermaltherapy, diabetes, diabetic feet, dry cracks, dry heels, foot cream, fragrance-free, heel, Heel Care Cream, moisturizer, non-greasy, urea Cream

Dermal Therapy

Heel Care Cream