Aging Skin Bundle

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Have You Noticed That Your Skin Feels More Dry and Itchy?

As we age skin becomes less elastic and has less fat reducing cushioning and increasing vulnerability to damage, aches & pains. Skin glands produce less oil making it difficult to stay moist, resulting in itchy, dry skin. Many diseases and medications (i.e. diabetes, cancer treatments, dialysis treatments) also cause dry skin as a side effect of the treatment.

Dermal Therapy’s deep-penetrating formulas hydrate your dry, cracked, itchy skin.

Our aging skin bundle includes the perfect assortment of products to help soothe and smooth your skin, gently moisturizing to leave skin feeling healthy and silky smooth. Try our Massage Relief lotion on your hips if you ache when sleeping or other body parts.

Never tested on animals.

Body Wash (16 fl oz / 474 ml)

Barrier Protection Lotion (16 fl oz / 474 ml)

Dry Spot (3 fl oz / 90ml)

Face Care Lotion (7 fl oz / 200ml)

Massage Releaf Lotion (2 fl oz / 60240 ml)

Sensitive Skin Lotion (8fl oz / 240 ml)