Diabetic Dry Skin Bundle

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Many diabetics develop extremely dry, cracked skin which can become more susceptible to infection. In fact, approximately 70% of surgical amputations done in the US are performed on diabetic patients who have developed infections through cracks or breaks in extremely dry skin.

Why is diabetes associated with poor skin health?
  • Diabetes is linked to thickening of the skin.
  • Diabetes leads to reduced blood circulation to the skin (microangiopathy).
  • Increased frequency of urination reduces the moisture available for the skin.
  • Researchers believe that the body may actually “rob” the skin of moisture to eliminate glucose from the tissue.

Dermal Therapy's robust line of moisturizers are designed to actively moisturize skin resulting in healthier looking skin.

Never tested on animals.

Body Wash (16 fl oz / 474 ml)

Extra Strength Body Lotion (8 fl oz / 240 ml

Finger Care Cream (1 fl oz / 30g)

Foot Massage Cream (3.5 fl oz / 100ml)

Heel Care Cream (8 fl oz / 240 ml)